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Nowadays, precisely controlled heat treatment provides metals properties that seemed to be unattainable a short time ago.

LOI Thermprocess plants make our customers more competitive in an international market thanks to the safety, reliability and reproducibility of complex processes.

Over the past decades, whenever markets have called for new materials or customers have wanted to use new methods, LOI has pioneered the development of innovative processes that ensure the best possible productivity, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness. This way, we contribute to the responsible use of resources.
With the know-how of more than 120 engineers and technicians and the experience gained from the design and construction of more than 8,000 plants, the company is one of the world’s leading suppliers of thermal process plants.

LOI adopts a holistic approach to every project. Our employees not only offer plant-engineering expertise; they also have in-depth knowledge of metallurgical processes. They develop plants with closely meshed interrelationships between metallurgy, mechanical engineering, electrical and control systems and logistics. Our customers use these plants for the manufacture of products that meet the most stringent requirements for quality, efficient production and the saving of resources.

In the metal industry, LOI’s reputation as a reliable partner is supported by many close customer relationships that have continued for several decades in some cases. We provide full support for plants over their entire life cycles and are the first port of call when processes require optimization.

The numerous orders we have received for plant modernization bear witness to our expertise. Our customers are continually adapting their products to the increasingly complex conditions of international markets.

The high market shares achieved also confirm the success of the company. For example, our company supplied seven out of 10 heat treatment plants for heavy-gauge plate or electrical strip.

Tenova Deutschland Holding GmbH

Tenova Deutschland Holding GmbH provides the organizational umbrella for the various Group companies in Germany.

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