Data Protection Information for Applicants

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For the purpose of communication, exchange of information and other purposes associated with your application, personal data is required, e.g. name, contact data or curriculum vitae.

You provide us with your personal data during the application process.

This is done both in accordance with legal provisions and with the personal rights of the persons concerned. Data subjects have the right to obtain information about their personal data, to demand the deletion or correction of their data or to demand a restriction on processing. Data subjects can address questions and complaints at any time to the supervisory authority of their country or to our data protection officer. You can reach him at LOI Thermprocess GmbH, Datenschutz, Am Lichtbogen 29, 45141 Essen or

1. Volume of Data

The following data can be collected and processed:

  1. identification data, e.g. name, sex, date of birth
  2. curriculum vitae and application details
  3. Address and contact data, e.g. e-mail address, telephone numbers, organizational data such as company, department, function, etc.
  4. Time and presence, e.g. when staying in LOI Thermprocess GmbH facilities.

2. Purpose

Your data may be used for the following purposes:

  • Operational purposes
  • Identification and authorization
  • communication, e.g. to clarify questions or appointments and to exchange information
  • Documentation of activities, e.g. job interview

3. Processing principles

LOI Thermprocess GmbH guarantees the implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures for data security through internal regulations and - if the data is processed by an external service provider - through corresponding contractual agreements, for example through the use of the EU standard contract clauses for data processing outside the European Union are processed.

Please make sure that your data is always up-to-date and correct, e.g. by notifying us of relevant changes or - if possible - by carrying them out yourself.

Questions regarding the scope, correction or deletion of your data as well as requests for information can be clarified with the data protection officer.

4. Data transfer

The data required for the respective purpose may be passed on to the responsible specialist department, personnel department, management and works council in compliance with the statutory provisions and existing internal regulations.

5. Data storage

Your data will only be retained for as long as is necessary to fulfil the respective purpose and to comply with regulatory requirements, usually within the applicable statutory retention period.

6. Monitoring and investigation

In order to protect against the various threats to our IT - e.g. malware, hacker attacks, spam - and intellectual property, different methods are used to scan the exchanged information for viruses, for example, and the connection data for anomalies. If anomalies are discovered, the relevant documents and connection data can be analyzed.

In order to comply with existing delivery and payment restrictions - such as companies and persons listed in various government lists - the existing employee data can be compared with this list.

In addition, in cases of suspicion, such as those reported via the compliance hotline, in official investigations and to defend against claims against LOI Thermprocess GmbH, it may be necessary to investigate and, if necessary, hand over data and documents relating to the person concerned.

In all cases, our internal regulations, the legal requirements and the personal rights of the persons concerned are observed.