Two new HPH® Bell-Type Furnaces for Wire Coils

Tenova superior technology for Bell-Type Furnaces: Tenova LOI Thermprocess delivers two HPH® Bell-Type Furnaces for Wire Coils with HPH® technology.

At the end of 2016, the Norm Group, a leading manufacturer of fasteners located in Izmir, Turkey, placed a contract for its Somun plant to Tenova LOI Thermprocess GmbH. In December 2012, the Norm Group had already ordered the first Tenova LOI HPH® bell-type annealing plant for wire coils for their Civata plant and, two years after, in the summer of 2014, a contract was signed with the same group for the expansion of the existing plant. Thanks to the success of Civata plant and the good relationship with the Norm group, the contract for Somun plant was signed at the end of 2016, leading to an additional increase to 64.000 tons per year for this site. This latest order, consisting of three annealing bases, two heating hoods and one Jet-cooling hood, will go into production in October 2017.

Hereafter, right at the beginning of 2017, LOI Thermprocess GmbH from Essen and its Chinese subsidiary company LOI Thermprocess (Tianjin) Co. Ltd. received an order for a wire annealing plant from a Chinese wire manufacturer from the province Jiangsu. The client, the company STM Kunshan Cheng Tongming Metal Co. Ltd. from Kunshan City, in the province Jiangsu, already operated a bell-type furnace plant which had been supplied by a competitor of Tenova LOI. This brand new customer awarded this contract to Tenova LOI Thermprocess after a strong competition with local competitors in a very difficult Chinese market environment. Tenova LOI Thermprocess HPH® technology gave the company a strong advantage and a leading position  in bell-type annealing of wire coils.

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