1. Chamber/Bogie Hearth Furnaces
  2. Chamber/Bogie Hearth Furnaces

Chamber/Bogie Hearth Furnaces

The chamber and bogie hearth furnaces are the “all-rounders“ for the heating and heat treatment of large and heavy ingots or of forgings in charge-wise operation. We have already implemented furnace for charges with a weight of max. 300 t.

Due to sophisticated measuring technology and precise process guidance the furnace are also suitable for high-quality forgings which are used e.g. in the aerospace industry.

Since our software solutions comply with the certification and documentation according to e.g. CQI-9 or AMS 2750, we support our customers in proving the quality of their furnace plants and processes. Thanks to mobile, tablet-based solutions, we are able to minimize the efforts for the regular check of the plant technology.

Regenerative, recuperative or hot air burners operate with high energy efficiency; modern refractory materials ensure long lifetimes.

  • Efficiency


    • Energy saving using highly efficient energy recovery systems
  • Digitalization


    • Detailed control of the actual process state
    • Industry 4.0 ready
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Reheating Furnaces for Forgings