1. Final Annealing Line for Aluminium Strip

Final Annealing Line for Aluminium Strip

Final Annealing Lines FAL serve for heat treatment of foil rolls. The batch-type furnace line is equipped with charging machine, which is arranged in front and serves fully automatic loading and unloading of the furnace chambers.

The Multi-Chamber Furnace design is combining several individual chambers in one furnace casing. Those furnace lines are used for final annealing in Aluminium foil production plants.

Each furnace consists of five or more individual chambers, operated independently. Several foil rolls are made up to one batch and placed on a charging rack. The arrangement on the racks allows different compositions acc. to the specific requests of the production.

A batch is composed by the foil rolls supplied from the rolling mill. Batches are stored on the preparation station and then automatically put into the furnace chamber by the charging machine. The charging machine runs along the chambers.

For degreasing the furnaces are equipped with fresh air supply, which is automatically controlled by recipe.

Operation of the furnace line is fully automatic. For quality and process checking each individual heat treatment operation is recorded.

Specific benefits:

  • High temperature uniformity on the entire charge
  • Low energy consumption
  • Fully automatic operation for easy handling
  • Advanced delta radiant tubes
  • Recuperative burners for maximum efficiency
  • High flexibility
  • Indirect gas firing or electric heating system
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