1. Overhead Furnace for Aluminium Forged Parts

Overhead Furnace for Aluminium Forged Parts

Overhead furnaces are multi-purpose plants that are ideal for heat treatment of components used in the aerospace and the automotive industry. Flexible processing on a line of furnaces and the shortest quench delay are the main characteristics of such lines.

Aluminium components for the aerospace and automotive industry with strict requirements are often heat treated in an overhead furnace with underpinned mobile quenching baths. This design provides a very short quench delay. Furthermore high temperature accuracy is a main feature of the overhead furnaces.

The Aluminium parts are positioned on racks. The rack is lifted into the furnace by the furnace's own lifting system. Automatically the rack is positioned under the furnace, lifted into the furnace and dropped into the quench.

Possible is quenching by media like water and polymer or by air. Due to the possibility of flexible arrangement of several quenching units under the furnace, each lot in each furnace can have a different heat processing and also a different quenching afterwards.

The furnaces of the heat treatment line are arranged in line along the rails of the quenching baths. The quenching baths are equipped with wheels and moving on rails.

Each quenching unit can be placed under each furnace, which provides flexible use of the furnaces and a wide range of applications. Each furnace consists of several sections with individual control and heating. Heating of the furnaces is done by natural gas or by electrical heaters.

The heat treatment can be recorded for each individual part. Temperature, time and actions are recorded for each rack.

Special benefits:

  • High flexibility acc. to batch arrangement
  • Short changeover time between recipes
  • High temperature homogeneity
  • Short quench delay
  • Easy change of quenching process
  • Low energy consumption
  • High reproducibility
  • Fully automatic processing and storing
  • Fully automatic operation for less staff assignment
  • Easy connecting to existing logistics
  • Gas firing or electric heating system
  • Heat treatment line is expandable in small steps
  • Individual recording of the processing for each part
  • Excellent economics
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