1. Process & Quality Development Line for Aluminium Structal Parts

Process & Quality Development Line for Aluminium Structal Parts

New products made from Aluminium require specific processing, which includes specific heat treatment. Therefore our small series line is available, which allows development of the process configuration, parameters and their validation under realistic production conditions. At the same also the pre-series can be run on that line.

Typical heat treatment of Aluminium casted and forged parts consists of

• Solution Annealing

• Quenching with air, polymer and water

• Ageing

When new products are to be developed the related heat processing has to be developed according to the specific requirements regarding expected properties and conditions from the pre-process. Because the expectations regarding properties and also the pre-process are often subject to modification during the development process, a continuous adaption of the heat treatment process and it's necessary facilities is required. Typically the lines for this are not available at the manufacturer of the parts. Therefore our small series line for heat treatment offers the possibility for individual developments and pre-series.

With this pilot heat treatment line tests and improvements on the processes can be run for castings and forged parts e.g. with different shapes of the parts or different alloys, in order to achieve the optimum mechanical properties. Solution annealing, quenching by air, water and polymer are possible.

The parts can be placed on trays or into baskets acc. to the real production line, which makes the results are the same as on the full series line. Trays, baskets and the line can be developed acc. to the specific requirements of the intended spectrum of parts.

The heat treatment data can be recorded for each individual part.

At the same also small series can be heat treated in this line.

Special benefits:

  • System to optimize the heat treatment for several parts
  • High reproducibility
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Transport of carriers with different geometry
  • Easy change of quenching media
  • Gas fire heating system
  • Individual recording of the processing for each part
  • Small series production
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