1. Quench for Heavy Plates
  2. Quench for Heavy Plates
  3. Quench for Heavy Plates

Quench for Heavy Plates

Tenova LOI’s quenching technology is precisely tailored to the customers’ growing requirements on process security, quality and flexibility.

The quenching facility is the key component of a heavy plate quenching and tempering line.

Tenova LOI Thermprocess offers tailored quenching technology with a huge amount of quenching modes and the full range of heat transfer combined with material model and overall automation.

Market success in the sector of quenching lines for high-quality steel plate is only possible with quench technology designed on the basis of comprehensive in-depth process expertise in combination with an effective overall automation concept based on mathematical modeling.

Tenova LOI's quench is the perfect companion for mass produces as well as for niche producers due to its high flexibility and reproducibility.

Tenova LOI is the leading company in this field of quenching technology since the middle of the 1990s with more than 25 successful installations all over the world. Experience in combination with improvement guaranties the best quality.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • High Profitability
    • Short Project Cycle Time
    • High Process Reliability
  • Efficiency


    • High Flexibility
    • Very good Reproducibility
  • Service


    • Low Maintenance requirement
  • Reference


    • More than 25 Q&T Lines successfully installed
    • More than 25 Quenches
  • Digitalization


    • Fully automated Processes
    • Models for Optimization
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Comprehensive in-depth Process Expertise
    • Best Plate Flatness after Quenching
    • Best Plate Surface Quality
    • Large number of Quenching Modes
    • Fast and precise Water Flow Control in the Quench
    • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from a Single Source
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Quench & Temper Lines for Heavy Plates