1. Roller Hearth Furnace for Normalizing (NF) for Heavy Plates
  2. Roller Hearth Furnace for Normalizing (NF) for Heavy Plates

Roller Hearth Furnace for Normalizing (NF) for Heavy Plates

Tenova LOI’s Furnaces for Normalizing are precisely tailored to the customers’ growing requirements on process security, quality and flexibility.

Normalizing is the easiest way to influence the mechanical properties of Carbon Steel. For Heavy Plate Normalizing, the Plate is heated in a furnace to normalizing temperature to completely dissolve the carbon, present in the steel at room temperature in the form of carbides. These furnaces may be heated either by open burners firing directly into the furnace, or indirectly by radiant tubes.

Tenova LOI's indirectly heated roller heath furnaces provide a protective atmosphere for best surface quality. The use of nitrogen prevents scale formation on the steel surface. Nitrogen consumption and heat losses are minimized by rapid charging and discharging of the plate.

Our roller hearth normalizing furnaces are the perfect extension for Q&T Lines to follow the rising demands of normalizing.

Tenova LOI is the leading company in this field of treatment since the middle of the 1990s with more than 25 successful installations all over the world consisting of more than 50 Furnaces. Experience in combination with improvement guaranties the best quality.

  • Value for Money

    Value for Money

    • High Profitability
    • Short Project Cycle Time
    • High Process Reliability
  • Efficiency


    • High Flexibility
    • Optimized Throughput
    • Very good Reproducibility
  • Service


    • Low Maintenance requirement
  • Reference


    • More than 25 Q&T Lines successfully installed
    • More than 50 Furnaces
  • Environment


    • Heat Recovery Systems
    • High-efficiency Burners
  • Digitalization


    • Fully automated Processes
    • Models for Optimization
  • Technical Excellence

    Technical Excellence

    • Comprehensive in-depth Process Expertise
    • Best Temperature Constancy
    • Best Plate Surface Quality
    • Ultra High Convection in Tempering Furnaces
    • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering from a Single Source
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